Publications of Giulia Berti

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Journal Article
A. Brambilla, A. Picone, D. Giannotti, A. Calloni, G. Berti, G. Bussetti, S. Achilli, G. Fratesi, M.I. Trioni, G. Vinai, P. Torelli, G. Panaccione, L. Duò, M. Finazzi and F. Ciccacci: Enhanced Magnetic Hybridization of a Spinterface through Insertion of a Two-Dimensional Magnetic Oxide Layer. Nano Letters 17 (12), 7440–7446 (2017).
Journal Article
C. Castellano, G. Berti, F. Rubio-Marcos, G. Lamura, S. Sanna, E. Salas-Colera, A. Brambilla, A. Munoz-Noval, L. Duò and F. Demartin: Anomalous local lattice disorder and distortion in A2Mo2O7 pyrochlores. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 723, 327–332 (2017).
Journal Article
A. Calloni, G. Fratesi, S. Achilli, G. Berti, G. Bussetti, A. Picone, A. Brambilla, P. Folegati, F. Ciccacci and L. Duò: Combined spectroscopic and ab initio investigation of monolayer-range Cr oxides on Fe(001): The effect of ordered vacancy superstructure. Physical Review B 96 (8), 085427 (2017).
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