Publications of Bryan Goldsmith

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Journal Article
B. Goldsmith, J. Florian, J.-X. Liu, P. Grüne, J.T. Lyon, D.M. Rayner, A. Fielicke, M. Scheffler and L.M. Ghiringhelli: Two-to-three dimensional transition in neutral gold clusters: The crucial role of van der Waals interactions and temperature. Physical Review Materials 3 (1), 016002 (2019).
Journal Article
B. Goldsmith, B. Peters, J.K. Johnson, B.C. Gates and S.L. Scott: Beyond Ordered Materials: Understanding Catalytic Sites on Amorphous Solids. ACS Catalysis 7 (11), 7543–7557 (2017).
Journal Article
B. Goldsmith, M. Boley, J. Vreeken, M. Scheffler and L.M. Ghiringhelli: Uncovering structure-property relationships of materials by subgroup discovery. New Journal of Physics 19 (1), 013031 (2017).
Journal Article
M. Boley, B. Goldsmith, L.M. Ghiringhelli and J. Vreeken: Identifying Consistent Statements about Numerical Data with Dispersion-Corrected Subgroup Discovery. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 31 (5), 1391–1418 (2017).

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