Publications of Markus Tobias Kühbach

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Kühbach, M.T., A.J. London, J. Wang, D.K. Schreiber, F. Mendez Martin, I. Ghamarian, H. Bilal and A.V. Ceguerra: Community-Driven Methods for Open and Reproducible Software Tools for Analyzing Datasets from Atom Probe Microscopy. Microscopy and Microanalysis 28 (4), 1038–1053 (2022).
Journal Article
Zhou, X., Y. Wei, M.T. Kühbach, H. Zhao, F. Vogel, R.D. Kamachali, G.B. Thompson, D. Raabe and B. Gault: Revealing in-plane grain boundary composition features through machine learning from atom probe tomography data. Acta Materialia 226, 117633 (2022).
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