Publications of William Kirstädter

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Journal Article
Yang, Z., L. Gura, F. Kalass, P. Marschalik, M. Brinker, W. Kirstädter, J. Hartmann, G. Thielsch, H. Junkes, M. Heyde and H.-J. Freund: A high-speed variable-temperature ultrahigh vacuum scanning tunneling microscope with spiral scan capabilities. Review of Scientific Instruments 93 (5), 053704 (2022).
Journal Article
Gura, L., Z. Yang, M. Brinker, F. Kalass, W. Kirstädter, P. Marschalik, H. Junkes, M. Heyde and H.-J. Freund: Spiral high-speed scanning tunneling microscopy: Tracking atomic diffusion on the millisecond timescale. Applied Physics Letters 119 (25), 251601 (2021).
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