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Journal Article (8)

Journal Article
Cherasse, M., J. Dong, G. Trippé-Allard, E. Deleporte, D. Garrot, S.F. Maehrlein, M. Wolf, Z. Chen, E. Papalazarou, M. Marsi, J.-P. Rueff, A. Taleb-Ibrahimi and L. Perfetti: Electron Dynamics in Hybrid Perovskites Reveal the Role of Organic Cations on the Screening of Local Charges. Nano Letters 22 (5), 2065–2069 (2022).
Journal Article
Juraschek, D.M. and S.F. Maehrlein: Sum-frequency ionic Raman scattering. Physical Review B 97 (17), 174302 (2018).
Journal Article
Maehrlein, S.F., I. Radu, P. Maldonado, A. Paarmann, M. Gensch, A.M. Kalashnikova, R.V. Pisarev, M. Wolf, P.M. Oppeneer, J. Barker and T. Kampfrath: Dissecting spin-phonon equilibration in ferrimagnetic insulators by ultrafast lattice excitation. Science Advances 4 (7), eaar5164 (2018).
Journal Article
Seifert, T., S. Jaiswal, J. Barker, S.T. Weber, I. Razdolski, J. Cramer, O. Gückstock, S.F. Maehrlein, L. Nadvornik, S. Watanabe, C. Ciccarelli, A. Melnikov, G. Jakob, S.T.B. Goennenwein, G. Woltersdorf, B. Rethfeld, P.W. Brouwer, M. Wolf, M. Kläui and T. Kampfrath: Femtosecond formation dynamics of the spin Seebeck effect revealed by terahertz spectroscopy. Nature Communications 9, 2899 (2018).
Journal Article
Kovalev, S., B. Green, T. Golz, S.F. Maehrlein, N. Stojanovic, A.S. Fisher, T. Kampfrath and M. Gensch: Probing ultra-fast processes with high dynamic range at 4th-generation light sources: Arrival time and intensity binning at unprecedented repetition rates. Structural Dynamics 4 (2), 024301 (2017).
Journal Article
Maehrlein, S.F., A. Paarmann, M. Wolf and T. Kampfrath: Terahertz Sum-Frequency Excitation of a Raman-Active Phonon. Physical Review Letters 119 (12), 127402 (2017).
Journal Article
Green, B., S. Kovalev, V. Asgekar, G. Geloni, U. Lehnert, T. Golz, M. Kuntzsch, C. Bauer, J. Hauser, J. Voigtlaender, B. Wustmann, I. Koesterke, M. Schwarz, M. Freitag, A. Arnold, J. Teichert, M. Justus, W. Seidel, C. Ilgner, N. Awari, D. Nicoletti, S. Kaiser, Y. Laplace, S. Rajasekaran, L. Zhang, S. Winnerl, H. Schneider, G. Schay, I. Lorincz, A.A. Rauscher, I. Radu, S.F. Maehrlein, T.H. Kim, J.S. Lee, T. Kampfrath, S. Wall, J. Heberle, A. Malnasi-Csizmadia, A. Steiger, A.S. Müller, M. Helm, U. Schramm, T. Cowan, P. Michel, A. Cavalleri, A.S. Fisher, N. Stojanovic and M. Gensch: High-Field High-Repetition-Rate Sources for the Coherent THz Control of Matter. Scientific Reports 6, 22256 (2016).
Journal Article
Kampfrath, T., M. Battiato, P. Maldonado, G. Eilers, J. Nötzold, S.F. Maehrlein, V. Zbarsky, F. Freimuth, Y. Mokrousov, S. Blügel, M. Wolf, I. Radu , P.M. Oppeneer and M. Münzenberg: Terahertz spin current pulses controlled by magnetic heterostructures. Nature Nanotechnology 8 (4), 256–260 (2013).

Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Huber, L., F. Wang, P.P. Joshi, M. Cherasse, M. Frenzel, L. Nest, M. Wolf, X. Zhu and S.F. Maehrlein: 2D Optical- and THz-Kerr Effect in Lead Halide Perovskites. In: 46th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves, IRMMW-THz 2021. IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, 9567004 (2021).
Conference Paper
Juraschek, D.M., A. Paarmann, T. Kampfrath and S.F. Maehrlein: The THz sum-frequency counterparts of stimulated Raman scattering. In: Proceedings of SPIE. SPIE, Bellingham, Washington, 111240O (2019).

Talk (11)

Maehrlein, S.F., I. Radu, P. Maldonado, A. Paarmann, M. Gensch, A.M. Kalashnikova, R.V. Pisarev, M. Wolf, J. Barker, P.M. Oppeneer and T. Kampfrath:
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