Former Funding and Projects

Former Funding and Projects



BMBF collaborative project 033RC004D
Electricity from renewable resources for the electrochemical production of ethylene from CO2
PIs G. Schmid, M. Löffler, K. Mayrhofer, I Katsounaros, R. Poss, B. Roldan Cuenya, P. Strasser
Subproject: Operando microscopic and spectroscopic characterization
Funding period: 01.10.2016 – 30.09.2019


BMBF collaborative project 03SF0523C
Electrocatalytic systems for energy storage by coupling electrochemical water splitting and CO2 reduction
PIs H. Dau, B. Roldan Cuenya, P. Strasser
Subproject: Identification and characterization of stable and active non-noble metal catalyst systems for the coupling of electrochemical water splitting with the direct reductive conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) to simple carbon and hydrocarbon compounds
Funding period: 01.10.2015 – 31.05.2019
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