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Max Planck with helmet

Increased Safety on Two Wheels more

Spring Reception 2023

Spring Reception 2023

May 31, 2023

A festive gathering at FHI more

Twisting Under the Stroboscope – Controlling Crystal Lattices of Hybrid Solar Cell Materials with Terahertz Light

To overcome global energy challenges and fight the looming environmental crisis, researchers around the world investigate new materials for converting sunlight into electricity. Some of the most promising candidates for high-efficiency low-cost solar cell applications are based on lead halide perovskite (LHP) semiconductors. Despite record-breaking solar cell prototypes, the microscopic origin of the surprisingly excellent optoelectronic performance of this material class is still not completely understood. Now, an international team of physicists and chemists from Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, École Polytechnique in Paris, Columbia University in New York, and the Free University in Berlin demonstrated laser-driven control of fundamental motions of the LHP atomic lattice. By applying a sudden electric field spike faster than a trillionth of a second (picosecond) in the form of a single light cycle of far-infrared Terahertz radiation, the investigators unveiled the ultrafast lattice response, which might contribute to a dynamic protection mechanism for electric charges. This precise control over the atomic twist motions will allow to create novel non-equilibrium material properties, potentially providing hints for designing the solar cell material of the future. more

Helmut Schwarz receives the Gerhard Ertl Lecture Award 2023

An honor for his achievements in the field of chemistry more

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Grant for Dr. Jie Wei

In April, Dr. Jie Wei started his research work in the Helmholtz Young Investigator Group Nanoscale Operando CO2 Photo-Electrocatalysis at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) and Fritz Haber Institute (FHI) of the Max Planck Society. Wei received one of the highly competitive Humboldt postdoctoral research fellowships and will pursue his two-year project under the guidance of the academic hosts Dr. Christopher Kley and Prof. Dr. Beatriz Roldán Cuenya. more

DAAS Award for an Outstanding Doctoral Thesis

Dr. Carla Kirschbaum, who completed her doctoral thesis titled "Lipid Fingerprinting by Mass Spectrometry and Laser Light" at the Free University of Berlin and the Fritz-Haber-Institut in the Department of Molecular Physics, has been awarded the DAAS Prize 2022. more

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