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Journal Article
K.M. Burson, H.J. Yang, D.S. Wall, T. Marsh, Z. Yang, D. Kuhness, M. Brinker, L. Gura, M. Heyde, W.-D. Schneider and H.-J. Freund: Mesoscopic Structures and Coexisting Phases in Silica Films. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 126 (7), 3736–3742 (2022).
Journal Article
D. Kuhness, J. Pal, H.J. Yang, N. Mammen, K. Honkala, H. Häkkinen, W.-D. Schneider, M. Heyde and H.-J. Freund: Binding Behavior of Carbonmonoxide to Gold Atoms on Ag(001). Topics in Catalysis 63 (15-18), 1578–1584 (2020).
Journal Article
C. Büchner, S.D. Eder, T. Nesse, D. Kuhness, P. Schlexer, G. Pacchioni, J.R. Manson, M. Heyde, B. Holst and H.-J. Freund: Bending Rigidity of 2D Silica. Physical Review Letters 120 (22), 226101 (2018).
Journal Article
D. Kuhness, H.J. Yang, H. Klemm, M. Prieto, G. Peschel, A. Fuhrich, D. Menzel, T. Schmidt, X. Yu, S.K. Shaikhutdinov, A. Lewandowski, M. Heyde, A. Kelemen, R. Włodarczyk, D. Usvyat, M. Schütz, J. Sauer and H.-J. Freund: A Two-Dimensional ‘Zigzag’ Silica Polymorph on a Metal Support. Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (19), 6164–6168 (2018).
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