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Journal Article
Kornelak, P., B. Borzęcka-Prokop, L. Lityńska-Dobrzyńska, J.B. Wagner, D.S. Su, J. Camra and A. Wesełucha-Birczyńska: The physicochemical properties of rutile-supported V-O-Mo catalyst. Catalysis Today 119, 204–208 (2007).
Journal Article
Hao, Y.-J., J.B. Wagner, D.S. Su, G.-Q. Jin and X.-Y. Guo: Beaded Silicon Carbide Nanochains via the Carbothermal Reduction of Carbonaceous Silica Xerogel. Nanotechnology 17, 2870–2874 (2006).
Journal Article
Wagner, J.B., N.D. Othman, D.S. Su, S.B. Abd Hamid and R. Schlögl: Characterization of Nanostructured Binary Molybdenum Oxide Catalyst Precursors for Propene Oxidation. Journal of Microscopy 223 (3), 216–219 (2006).
Journal Article
Wagner, J.B., O. Timpe, F.A. Hamid, A. Trunschke, U. Wild, D.S. Su, R.K. Widi, S.B. Abd Hamid and R. Schlögl: Surface Texturing of Mo-V-Te-Nb-Ox Selective Oxidation Catalysts. Topics in Catalysis 38 (1-3), 51–58 (2006).
Journal Article
Wagner, J.B., M.G. Willinger, J.-O. Müller, D.S. Su and R. Schlögl: Surface-Charge-Induced Reversible Phase Transitions of Bi Nanoparticles. Small 2 (2), 230–234 (2006).
Journal Article
Zimowska, M., J.B. Wagner, J. Dziedzic, J. Camra, B. Borzecka-Prokop and M. Najbar: Some aspects of metal-support strong interactions in Rh/Al2O3 catalyst under oxidising and reducing conditions. Chemical Physics Letters 417 (1-3), 137–142 (2006).
Journal Article
Wagner, J.B., S.B. Abd Hamid, N.D. Othman, O. Timpe, S. Knobl, D. Niemeyer, D.S. Su and R. Schlögl: Nanostructuring of binary molybdenum oxide catalysts for propene Oxidation. Journal of Catalysis 225 (1), 78–85 (2004).
Journal Article
Wagner, J.B., D.S. Su, S.A. Schunk, H. Hibst, J. Petzoldt and R. Schlögl: Structural Characterization of High-Performance Catalysts for Partial Oxidation - the High-Resolution and Analytical Electron Microscopy Approach. Journal of Catalysis 224, 28–35 (2004).
Journal Article
Abd Hamid, S.B., N.D. Othman, N.B. Abdullah, O. Timpe, S. Knobl, D. Niemeyer, J. Wagner, D.S. Su and R. Schlögl: Structurally complex molybdenum oxide model catalysts for the selective oxidation of propene. Topics in Catalysis 24 (1-4), 87–95 (2003).

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