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Journal Article
Klokishner, S., J. Melsheimer, F.C. Jentoft and R. Schlögl: Optical bands of dodecanuclear compounds H4PVMo11O40*y H2O with Keggin structure. Semiclassical vibronic model. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6 (9), 2066–2082 (2004).
Journal Article
Ahmad, R., J. Melsheimer, F.C. Jentoft and R. Schlögl: Isomerization of n-Butane and of n-Pentane in the Presence of Sulfated Zirconia: Formation of Surface Deposits Investigated by In Situ UV-vis Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy. Journal of Catalysis 218, 365–374 (2003).
Journal Article
Jentoft, F.C., S. Klokishner, J. Kröhnert, J. Melsheimer, T. Ressler, O. Timpe, J. Wienold and R. Schlögl: The structure of molybdenum-heteropoly acids under conditions of gas phase selective oxidation catalysis: a multi-method in situ study. Applied Catalysis A 256 (1-2), 291–317 (2003).
Journal Article
Melsheimer, J., M. Thiede, R. Ahmad, G. Tzolova-Müller and F.C. Jentoft: Improved experimental setup for in situ UV-vis-NIR spectroscopy under catalytic conditions. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 5 (20), 4366–4370 (2003).
Journal Article
Melsheimer, J., J. Kröhnert, R. Ahmad, S. Klokishner, F.C. Jentoft, G. Mestl and R. Schlögl: UV/Vis/near-IR spectroscopic characteristics of H4-xCsxPVMo11O40 (x=0,2) catalyst under different temperatures and gas atmospheres. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 4 (11), 2398–2408 (2002).
Journal Article
Klokishner, S., J. Melsheimer, R. Ahmad, F.C. Jentoft, G. Mestl and R. Schlögl: Influence of the Dehydration Effects on the Optical Spectra of H4PVMo11O40 in the Visible and Near Infrared Range: Intra- and Intercenter Optical Transitions in the V-Mo-Cluster. Spectrochimica Acta A 58 (1), 1–15 (2002).
Journal Article
Mahmoud, S.S., A.Y. Hammoudeh, S. Gharaibeh and J. Melsheimer: Hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde over sol-gel Pd/SiO2 catalysts: kinetic aspects and modification of catalytic properties by Sn, Ir and Cu additives. Journal of Molecular Catalysis A 178 (1-2), 161–167 (2002).
Journal Article
Thiede, M. and J. Melsheimer: In situ UV/Vis/near-IR diffuse reflection measurement of catalysts at temperatures up to 673 K. Review of Scientific Instruments 73 (2), 394–397 (2002).
Journal Article
Lee, J.K., J. Melsheimer, S. Berndt, G. Mestl, R. Schlögl and K. Köhler: Transient responses of the local electronic and geometric structures of vanado-molybdo-phosphate catalysts H3+nPVnMo12-nO40 in selective oxidation. Applied Catalysis A 214 (1), 125–148 (2001).
Journal Article
Lee, J.K., V. Russo, J. Melsheimer, K. Köhler and R. Schlögl: Genesis of V4+ in heteropoly compounds CsxH4-xPVMo11O40 during thermal treatment, rehydration and oxidation of methanol studied by EPR spectroscopy. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2 (13), 2977–2983 (2000).
Journal Article
Li, G., G. Kossmehl, W.D. Hunnius, H. Zhu, W. Kautek, W. Plieth, J. Melsheimer and K. Doblhofer: Reactive groups on polymer coated electrodes, 10: electrogenerated conducting polyalkylthiophenes bearing activated ester groups. Polymer 41 (2), 423–432 (2000).
Journal Article
Melsheimer, J., S.S. Mahmoud, G. Mestl and R. Schlögl: In situ UV-VIS diffuse reflectance spectroscopy of reduction-reoxidation of heteropoly compounds by methanol and ethanol: A correlation between spectroscopic and catalytic data. Catalysis Letters 60 (3), 103–111 (1999).
Journal Article
Li, G., G. Koßmehl, W. Kautek, W. Plieth, J. Melsheimer, K. Doblhofer, W.-D. Hunnius and H. Zhu: Reactive groups on polymer‐coated electrodes, 9. New electroactive polythiophenes with epoxy and cyclic carbonate groups. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 200 (2), 450–459 (1999).
Journal Article
Melsheimer, J., M.C. Böhm, J.K. Lee and R. Schlögl: Adsorption and selective oxidation of H2S on alumina powders: In-situ UV-VIS studies in a differential reactor. Bunsen-Magazin 101 (4), 726–732 (1997).
Journal Article
Melsheimer, J. and R. Schlögl: On the sequence of events in H2S oxidation reactions. Bunsen-Magazin 101 (4), 733–740 (1997).
Journal Article
Melsheimer, J. and R. Schlögl: Identification of reaction products of mild oxidation of H2S in solution and in solid state by UV-VIS spectroscopy. Fresenius' Journal of Analytical Chemistry 357 (4), 397–400 (1997).
Journal Article
Melsheimer, J., W. Guo, D. Ziegler, M. Wesemann and R. Schlögl: Methanation of carbon dioxide over Ru/Titania at room temperature: explorations for a photoassisted catalytic reaction. Catalysis Letters 11, 157–168 (1991).

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Yang, X., R. Ahmad, J. Melsheimer, B.S. Klose and F.C. Jentoft: In Situ Spectroscopic Study of Isomerisation of Light Alkanes over Sulfated Zirconia Catalysts. In: Proceedings of the DGMK-Conference 'Chances for Innovative Processes at the Interface between Refining and Petrochemistry'. (Eds.): <span style="font-style: normal; font-weight: normal"><span class='author_name'>G. Emig</span></span> <span style="font-style: normal; font-weight: normal"><span class='author_name'>E. Gallei</span></span> <span style="font-style: normal; font-weight: normal"><span class='author_name'>B. Lücke</span></span> and <span style="font-style: normal; font-weight: normal"><span class='author_name'>J. Weitkamp</span></span> DGMK, Hamburg, 217–224 (2002).

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