Publications of Joachim Schütze

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Journal Article
Belz, T., A. Bauer, J. Find, M.M. Guenter, D. Herein, H. Möckel, N. Pfänder, H. Sauer, G. Schulz, J. Schütze, O. Timpe, U. Wild and R. Schlögl: Structural and chemical characterization of N-doped nanocarbons. Carbon 36, 731–741 (1998).
Journal Article
Berndt, S., D. Herein, F. Zemlin, E. Beckmann, G. Weinberg, J. Schütze, G. Mestl and R. Schlögl: A new unifying structural model of heteropolymolybdate salts: microstructure and thermal stability of a series of molecular oxides. Berichte der Bunsengesellschaft für Physikalische Chemie 102 (5), 763–774 (1998).
Journal Article
Schütze, J., W. Mahdi, B. Herzog and R. Schlögl: On the structure of the activated iron catalyst for ammonia synthesis. Topics in Catalysis 1, 195–214 (1994).
Journal Article
Wellenbüscher, J., M. Muhler, W. Mahdi, U. Sauerlandt, J. Schütze, G. Ertl and R. Schlögl: Ruthenium supported on zeolite A: preparation and characterisation of a stable catalyst for ammonia synthesis. Catalysis Letters 25, 61–74 (1994).
Journal Article
Korányi, T.I., M. Schikorra, Z. Paál, R. Schlögl, J. Schütze and M. Wesemann: Surface sate, compositon and catalytic activity of slightly sulfided Co–Mo/Al2O3 catalysts pretreated at different temperature. Applied Surface Science 68 (3), 307–317 (1993).
Journal Article
Mahdi, W., J. Schütze, G. Weinberg, R. Schoonmaker, R. Schlögl and G. Ertl: Microstructure of the activated industrial ammonia synthesis catalyst. Catalysis Letters 11, 19–31 (1991).
Journal Article
Muhler, M., J. Schütze, M. Wesemann, T. Rayment, A. Dent, R. Schlögl and G. Ertl: The nature of the iron oxide-based catalyst for dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene: I. Solid-state chemistry and bulk characterization. Journal of Catalysis 126 (2), 339–360 (1990).
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