Publications of Andrea Bauer

Journal Article (5)

Journal Article
Adam, S., A. Bauer, O. Timpe, U. Wild, G. Mestl, W. Bensch and R. Schlögl: The Origin of the Positive Effect of Cadmium Acetate on the Action of Supported Palladium Catalysts. Chemistry - A European Journal 4 (8), 1458–1469 (1998).
Journal Article
Belz, T., A. Bauer, J. Find, M.M. Guenter, D. Herein, H. Möckel, N. Pfänder, H. Sauer, G. Schulz, J. Schütze, O. Timpe, U. Wild and R. Schlögl: Structural and chemical characterization of N-doped nanocarbons. Carbon 36, 731–741 (1998).
Journal Article
Wohlers, M., A. Bauer, T. Rühle, F. Neitzel, H. Werner and R. Schlögl: The Dark Reaction of C60 and of C70 with Molecular Oxygen at Atmospheric Pressure and Temperatures between 300 K and 800 K. Fullerene Science and Technology 5 (1), 49–83 (1997).
Journal Article
Wohlers, M., B. Herzog, T. Belz, A. Bauer, T. Braun, T. Rühle and R. Schlögl: Ruthenium-C60 compounds: properties and catalytic potential. Synthetic Metals 77 (1-3), 55–58 (1996).
Journal Article
Wohlers, M., H. Werner, D. Herein, T. Schedel-Niedrig, A. Bauer and R. Schlögl: Reaction of C60 and C70 with molecular oxygen. Synthetic Metals 77 (1-3), 299–302 (1996).

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Wohlers, M., A. Bauer and R. Schlögl: Oxidation of Fullerene Materials. In: Progress in Fourier Transform Spectroscopy. (Eds.): J. Mink, G. Keresztury, and R. Kellner. (Mikrochimica Acta Supplement, Vol. 14). Springer, Vienna, 267–270 (1997).
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