Publications of Gert von Helden

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Lee, Jae Bin, Min Ho Jeon, Jeong Kon Seo, Gert von Helden, Jan-Uwe Rohde, Bum Suk Zhao, Jongcheol Seo and Sung You Hong: Annulative π-Extension of Unactivated Benzene Derivatives through Nondirected C-H Arylation.
Journal Article
Hoffmann, Waldemar, Gert von Helden and Kevin Pagel: Ion mobility-mass spectrometry and orthogonal gas-phase techniques to study amyloid formation and inhibition.
Journal Article
Seo, Jongcheol, Stephan Warnke, Kevin Pagel, Michael T. Bowers and Gert von Helden: Infrared spectrum and structure of the homochiral serine octamer-dichloride complex.

Conference Paper (1)

Conference Paper
Schöllkopf, Wieland, Sandy Gewinner, A.M.M. Todd, W.B. Colson, Marco De Pas, D. Dowell, S.C. Gottschalk, Heinz Junkes, J.W. Rathke, T.J. Schultheiss, L.M. Young, Gert von Helden and Gerard Meijer: The FHI FEL Upgrade Design.
(39th International Free-Electron Laser Conference (FEL2019), Hamburg, Germany, Aug 2019).

Talk (1)

Helden, Gert von: Spectroscopy of Clusters in Clusters.
(705. WE-Heraeus-Seminar, Frontiers in Size‐Selected Cluster Research: Bridging the Gap, Bad Honnef, Germany, Oct 2019).
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