Publications of Debalaya Sarker

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Li, Min, … Jiaolin Cui: Realizing high thermoelectric performance in Cu2Te alloyed Cu1.15In2.29Te4.
Journal Article
Nishanthi, S.T., … Menaka Jha: New low temperature environmental friendly process for the synthesis of tetragonal MoO2 and its field emission properties.
Journal Article
Ren, Ting, … Jiaolin Cui: Manipulating Localized Vibrations of Interstitial Te for Ultra-High Thermoelectric Efficiency in p-Type Cu–In–Te Systems.

Talk (2)

Sarker, Debalaya et al.: Autonomous Computational Discovery of Catalysts and Energy Materials. (Seminar, Raja Ramanna Center for Advanced Technology, Online Event, Feb 2021).
Sarker, Debalaya et al.: Stability and Metastability of Functional Materials From Ab-Initio Atomistic Thermodynamics. (Seminar, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Online Event, May 2020).
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