Application and Admission

Application and Admission

Admission to the IMPRS-EPPC requires successful application to the program. Applications will be accepted only through the FHI online application platform, during fixed application periods twice per year. The application periods will be announced here.

We just opened a new call for applications on Mar 15 2024. The call will close Apr 30 2024. Please apply through the online portal.

Any application to the IMPRS-EPPC will require the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • University transcripts for an excellent M.Sc. degree or equivalent in physics, chemistry, or related disciplines
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A certificate of English proficiency for non-native applicants
  • A specific motivation statement, proposing a research subject and one or two IMPRS-EPPC principle investigators that suit this research subject

The FHI as well as the IMPRS-EPPC strive for gender equality and diversity. We welcome applications from all backgrounds. The Max Planck Society is committed to increasing the number of individuals with disabilities in its workforce and therefore encourages applications from such qualified individuals. Furthermore, the Max Planck Society seeks to increase the number of women in research and therefore explicitly encourages women to apply.

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