IMPRS - International Max Planck Research School

Elementary Processes in Physical Chemistry (EPPC)

This new IMPRS reflects the recent changes in the research directions of the FHI after the appointment of two new directors and aims on understanding the fundamental processes leading to chemical and physical functionality of surfaces, interfaces, nanostructures, and clusters. Thereby, the unifying questions underlying elementary processes are applied to a wide range of systems, bridging from the structure of atomically well-defined surfaces and isolated clusters in ultra-high vacuum, via dynamics at liquid-gas and liquid-solid interfaces, to mechanisms and performance of complex, dynamically evolving catalysts in operando. Driven by the same underlying fundamental questions, the research at the different departments of the FHI and with the university groups is united through the development of advanced and novel experimental and theoretical methodologies, which transcends across the different disciplines.

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"Functional Interfaces in Physics and Chemistry"
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