Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence

Catalysis on Metal group

Commercial WD XRF S8 Tiber by BRUKER AX

Fusion digestion to solid solution in glass with di-Lithiumtetraborate





Elements Accessible                  All elements for z > 5
Sample Conditioning                  Solid (bulk), Powder, Solution (liquid), Solution (solid, glass)
Concentration Range                 LLD 100 ppm
Resolution                                    < 10 eV
Mode                                            Vacuum, He, He reduced pressure
Excitation                                     Rh-Anode, Max 60 kV, Max 170 mA, Max 4050 W, Be, Al, Cu filter
Detection / Analyzer                   Collimator: 0.17°-0.46°
                                                       Crystal (d): 285 pm to 5570 pm
                                                       Counter: flow and scintillation

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