BET, Specific surface area - chemisorption, physisorption

Catalysis on Metal group

Autosorb iQ2 – Gas Sorption Analyzer

PHYSISORPTION - Cryosync Option
T = 80 –120 K, liquid N2

for e.g. CO, H2, NH3, O2, SO2
Oven up to 1100 °C
Static volumetric or dynamic method

Autosorb 6B MP
• 6 stations
• Static-volumetric measure principle
• Adsorption and Desorption of Nitrogen at 77K

Autosorb Degasser (Sample prep. for physisorption analysis)
• 6 Stations
• Pretreatment in vacuum
• From RT to 350 °C
• Ramp from 1 to 10 (1 = 30 minutes to reach T)

Temperature range                     77 K –1100 °C
Pressure                                        10-4 mbar to saturation concentration
Sample                                          10 m² absolute recommended; from 0.01 m2/g
Available Gases                            N2, Ar, Kr, CO2,CO, H2, O2, NH3
Methods                                        BET, BJH, NLDFT, t-plot, TPR, TPO, TPD
Detection                                       TCD, MS (external)
Inert Transfer                                physisorption cell YES
                                                        chemisorption cell NO

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