Adsorption Isothermal Microcalorimeters

Catalysis on Metal group

BT2.15 (77K-200°C) Calvet Calorimeter of SETRAM combined with a house-designed volumetric-barometric system.

  • Gas and liquid probe molecules
  • House-designed volumetric-barometric  System (Adsorption isotherms)
  • House-designed calorimetric cell for  static and dynamic application  (Adsorption, Activation, Reaction)





Calorimeter            Temperature range              Sensitivity
MS70 x2                  RT to +100 °C                      1.5 μV/mW
HT 1000                  RT to +1000 °C                    2.5 μV/mW
BT2.15                    -196 °C to +200 °C               35 μV/mW

Temperature range                   77 K –1000 °C
Pressure                                     10-8 mbar to 1bar
Sample                                       mcatalyst max ~ 3g
Available Gases                         H2, CO, CO2, NH3, O2, CxHy Reactive mixtures
Methods                                     microcalorimetry
Inert Transfer                             Separate reaction setup

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