Temperature Programmed Oxidation/Reduction

Catalysis on Metals group

Temperature Programmed Reduction/Oxidation "Monti” Custom designed

Custom-designed setup for temperature-programmed reduction-oxidation reactions, chemisorption in steady and transient state under flow conditions.




Temperature range                     RT - +1100 °C
Heating Rate                                1 –20 Kpm
Pressure                                       1 bar
Sample                                          max 3ml
Available Gases                           Ar, O2, H2, CO, CxHy N2O,
Methods                                       TPR, TPO Pulse TA Reactive Frontal Chromatography
Gas phase analysis                     QMS, TCD, Paramagnetic detector, IR
Inert Transfer                               Yes

Julia Schumann, Thomas Lunkenbein, Andrey Tarasov, Nygil Thomas, Robert Schlögl, and Malte Behrens, "Synthesis and Characterisation of a Highly Active Cu/ZnO:Al Catalyst," ChemCatChem 6 (10), 2889-2897 (2014).

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