Temperature Programmed Desorption

Catalysis on Metals group

The self-constructed TDS (Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy) setup allows a sample pre-treatment at ambient pressure and the desorption event at HV conditions. This technique bridges a gap between the UHV-TDS established in surface science and conventional TPD measurements. Heating rates between 2 and 100 °C/min are generally applied to have access to desorption energies and other kinetic parameters. The desorbing gases are analyzed by mass spectrometry (QMS).

Temperature range                    RT-1000°C
Heating Rate                                2 -100 °C/min
Pressure                                       Ambient - HV
Sample                                         10 –50 mg / powder
Available Gases                          CO/CO2/H2/O2/C2H4/N2/Ar
Methods                                      TDS
Detection                                     QMS
Inert Transfer                              no

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