Related Publications

Related Publications

Selected recent publications are listed below (a full list can be found on Google Scholar):

Increasing stability, efficiency, and fundamental understanding of lithium-mediated electrochemical nitrogen reduction
S. Z. Andersen*, M. J. Statt*, V. J. Bukas*, S. G. Shapel, J. B. Pedersen, K. Krempl, M. Saccoccio, D. Chakraborty, J. Kibsgaard, P. C. K. Vesborg, J. K. Nørskov and I. Chorkendorff, Energy Environ. Sci. (2020)

Mechanisms of two-electron and four-electron electrochemical oxygen reduction reactions at nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide
H. W. Kim*, V. J. Bukas* H. Park, S. Park, K. M. Diederichsen, J. Lim, Y. H. Cho, J. Kim, W. Kim, T. H. Han, J. Voss, A. C. Luntz and B. D. McCloskey
, ACS Catalysis (2019)

Combining experiment and theory to unravel the mechanism of two-electron oxygen reduction at a selective and active co-catalyst
V. J. Bukas, H. W. Kim, R. Sengpiel, K. Knudsen, J. Voss, B. D. McCloskey and A. C. Luntz, ACS Catalysis (2018)

Energy dissipation at metal surfaces
S. P. Rittmeyer, V. J. Bukas and K. Reuter, Advances in Physics X (2018)

Hot adatom diffusion following oxygen dissociation on Pd (100) and Pd (111): A first-principles study of the equilibration dynamics of exothermic surface reactions
V. J. Bukas and K. Reuter, Phys. Rev. Lett (2016)

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