Recent Publications

Quantum dynamics of a planar rotor driven by suddenly switched combined aligning and orienting interactions
Marjan Mirahmadi, Burkhard Schmidt, and Bretislav Friedrich

Rudolf Zahradnik (1928-2020): "To do what's right"
Helmut Schwarz and Bretislav Friedrich

A paramount problem solved at last: Paramagnetic catalysis of ortho-para hydrogen conversion
Bretislav Friedrich

Spin-momentum entanglement in a Bose–Einstein condensate
Sumit Suresh Kale, Yijue Ding, Yong P. Chen, Bretislav Friedrich, and Sabre Kais

Far Apart and Close Together: Fritz Haber and Chaim Weizmann
Tom Bielik and Bretislav Friedrich

Jan Peter Toennies: an ebullient serendipitous adventurer
Bretislav Friedrich and Dudley Herschbach

Heterogeneous clusters of phthalocyanine and water prepared and probed in superfluid helium nanodroplets
J. Fischer, F. Schlaghaufer, E.-M. Lottner, A. Slenczka, L. Christiansen, H. Stapelfeldt, M. Karra, B. Friedrich, Th. Mullan, M. Schütz, and D. Usvyat

Fritz Haber at one hundred fifty: Evolving views of and on a German Jewish patriot
Bretislav Friedrich

Symmetric tops in combined electric fields: Conditional quasisolvability via the quantum Hamilton-Jacobi theory
Konrad Schatz, Bretislav Friedrich, Simon Becker, Burkhard Schmidt

Dynamics of polar polarizable rotors acted upon by unipolar electromagnetic pulses: From the sudden to the adiabatic regime
Marjan Mirahmadi, Burkhard Schmidt, Mallikarjun Karra, and Bretislav Friedrich

Conditional quasi-exact solvability of the quantum planar pendulum and of its anti-isospectral hyperbolic counterpart
Simon Becker, Marjan Mirahmadi, Burkhard Schmidt, Konrad Schatz, and Bretislav Friedrich

One Hundred Years of Chemical Warfare: Research, Deployment, Consequences
Bretislav Friedrich, Dieter Hoffmann, Jürgen Renn, Florian Schmaltz, Martin Wolf (Eds.)

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