Recent Publications

Walther Gerlach’s Rise to Olympus (1914-1929): From Service in World War One to a Professorship at Munich
Bretislav Friedrich

Natural Sciences is Three Years Young
Elaine Bearer, Gerard, Meijer, and Bretislav Friedrich 

The Spectrum of He+ as a Proving Ground for Bohr's Model of the Atom: A Legacy of Williamina Fleming's Astrophysical Discovery
Maria McEachern and Bretislav Friedrich                                                                                                                                     

A century ago the Stern-Gerlach experiment ruled unequivocally in favor of Quantum Mechanics
Bretislav Friedrich

About Roy Glauber
Bretislav Friedrich, Daniel Kleppner, and Dudley Herschbach

Mapping atomic trapping in an optical superlattice onto the libration of a planar rotor in electric fields
Marjan Mirahmadi, Bretislav Friedrich, Burkhard Schmidt, and Jesus Perez-Rios

One hundred years ago Alfred Landé unriddled the Anomalous Zeeman Effect and presaged Electron Spin
Horst Schmidt-Böcking and Bretislav Friedrich

Quantum carpets from tumbling molecules: Manipulating molecular rotation by electromagnetic fields
Burkhard Schmidt and Bretislav Friedrich

An Electro-Optical Trap for Polar Molecules
Bretislav Friedrich

Realization of Heisenberg models of spin systems with polar molecules in pendular states
Wenjing Yue, Qi Wei, Sabre Kais, Bretislav Friedrich, and Dudley Herschbach

Dynamics of translational and rotational thermalization of AlF molecules via collisions with cryogenic helium
M. Karra, M. T. Cretu, B. Friedrich, S. Truppe, G. Meijer, and J. Perez-Rios

UNESCO issues a powerful endorsement of Open Science
Marianne Bronner, Gerard Meijer, Vivian Yam, Bretislav Friedrich

One hundred years of Alfred Landé’s g-factor
Bretislav Friedrich, Gerard Meijer, Horst Schmidt-Böcking, and Gernot Gruber

Quantum dynamics of a polar rotor acted upon by an electric rectangular pulse of variable duration
Mallikarjun Karra, Bretislav Friedrich, and Burkhard Schmidt

Obituary for Zdenek Herman
Dudley Herschbach, J. Peter Toennies, and Bretislav Friedrich

Walther Gerlach (1889–1979): Precision Physicist, Educator and Research Organizer, Historian of Science
Josef Georg Huber, Horst Schmidt-Böcking, and Bretislav Friedrich

Otto Stern’s Molecular Beam Method and Its Impact on Quantum Physics
Bretislav Friedrich and Horst Schmidt-Böcking

Preface to and Table of Contents of Molecular Beams in Physics and Chemistry: From Otto Stern's Pioneerings Exploits to Present-Day Feats
Bretislav Friedrich and Horst Schmidt-Böcking

Molecular Beams in Physics and Chemistry: From Otto Stern's Pioneerings Exploits to Present-Day Feats
Bretislav Friedrich and Horst Schmidt-Böcking (Eds.)

Obituary for Rudolf Zahradnik
Bretislav Friedrich

One Hundred Years of Alfred Lande's g-factor
Bretislav Friedrich, Horst Schmidt-Böcking, and Gernot Gruber

Quantum dynamics of a planar rotor driven by suddenly switched combined aligning and orienting interactions
Marjan Mirahmadi, Burkhard Schmidt, and Bretislav Friedrich

Rudolf Zahradnik (1928-2020): "To do what's right"
Helmut Schwarz and Bretislav Friedrich

A paramount problem solved at last: Paramagnetic catalysis of ortho-para hydrogen conversion
Bretislav Friedrich

Spin-momentum entanglement in a Bose–Einstein condensate
Sumit Suresh Kale, Yijue Ding, Yong P. Chen, Bretislav Friedrich, and Sabre Kais

Far Apart and Close Together: Fritz Haber and Chaim Weizmann
Tom Bielik and Bretislav Friedrich

Jan Peter Toennies: an ebullient serendipitous adventurer
Bretislav Friedrich and Dudley Herschbach

Heterogeneous clusters of phthalocyanine and water prepared and probed in superfluid helium nanodroplets
J. Fischer, F. Schlaghaufer, E.-M. Lottner, A. Slenczka, L. Christiansen, H. Stapelfeldt, M. Karra, B. Friedrich, Th. Mullan, M. Schütz, and D. Usvyat

Fritz Haber at one hundred fifty: Evolving views of and on a German Jewish patriot
Bretislav Friedrich

Symmetric tops in combined electric fields: Conditional quasisolvability via the quantum Hamilton-Jacobi theory
Konrad Schatz, Bretislav Friedrich, Simon Becker, Burkhard Schmidt

Dynamics of polar polarizable rotors acted upon by unipolar electromagnetic pulses: From the sudden to the adiabatic regime
Marjan Mirahmadi, Burkhard Schmidt, Mallikarjun Karra, and Bretislav Friedrich

Conditional quasi-exact solvability of the quantum planar pendulum and of its anti-isospectral hyperbolic counterpart
Simon Becker, Marjan Mirahmadi, Burkhard Schmidt, Konrad Schatz, and Bretislav Friedrich

One Hundred Years of Chemical Warfare: Research, Deployment, Consequences
Bretislav Friedrich, Dieter Hoffmann, Jürgen Renn, Florian Schmaltz, Martin Wolf (Eds.)

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin (1900-1979)
Bretislav Friedrich

The Unfolding Story of Light (Lecture notes)
Bretislav Friedrich

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