Two awards for her outstanding PhD thesis

April 18, 2023

Dr. Mariana Monteiro, Electrode-Electrolyte Interfaces - Minerva Fast-Track Group-Leader at the Interface Science Department, received two awards for her outstanding PhD thesis.

The first award was presented by the Dutch Catalysis Society (sectie Katalyse of the KNCV) during the 24th NCCC conference taking place in the Leeuwenhorst from March 6th to 8th, 2023. The committee of the DCS Thesis Award consists of industrial as well as academic experts, who awarded Dr. Mariana Monteiro the prize for her outstanding thesis. Prof. Moniek Tromp, chair of the Dutch Society for Catalysis delivered the DCS PhD Award to Dr. Monteiro during the Amcel Symposium, as she couldn´t attend the DCS Award ceremony in person.

The second award was presented by the Amsterdam Centre for Electrochemistry during the annual Amcel symposium on March 31st at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Amcel is a joint initiative of the Amsterdam electrochemistry community and honors’ the best PhD thesis with an award that is presented during its annual symposium. Dr. Marta Figueiredo (Assistant Professor at TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands) announced the Amcel Award to Dr. Monteiro during the Amcel Symposium 2023.

“Her outstanding achievements contributed to the understanding of the molecular-level factors that determine the electrochemical activation of CO2, specifically the role of the electrolyte parameters.” – Amcel about Dr. Mariana Monteiro.

During the Amcel annual symposium, Dr. Monteiro gave a lecture on her awarded PhD research.

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