Publications of Borja Cirera

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Cirera, B.; Litman, Y.; Lin, C.; Akkoush , A.; Hammud, A.; Wolf, M.; Rossi, M.; Kumagai, T.: Charge Transfer-Mediated Dramatic Enhancement of Raman Scattering upon Molecular Point Contact Formation. Nano Letters 22 (6), pp. 2170 - 2176 (2022)
Journal Article
Liu, S.; Cirera, B.; Sun, Y.; Hamada, I.; Müller, M.; Hammud, A.; Wolf, M.; Kumagai, T.: Dramatic Enhancement of Tip-Enhanced Raman Scattering Mediated by Atomic Point Contact Formation. Nano Letters 20 (8), pp. 5879 - 5884 (2020)

Talk (1)

Cirera, B.: Characterization of Nanocarbon Materials Using STM/AFM/TERS. 1st IMS-FHI Symposium, Online Event (2021)
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