Publications of Ronald Wagner

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Journal Article
Rosenthal, D.; Widmer, R.; Wagner, R.; Gille, P.; Armbrüster, M.; Grin, Y.; Schlögl, R.; Gröning, O.: Surface Investigation of Intermetallic PdGa(1̅ 1̅ 1̅). Langmuir 28 (17), pp. 6848 - 6856 (2012)
Journal Article
Ota, A.; Armbrüster, M.; Behrens, M.; Rosenthal, D.; Friedrich, M.; Kasatkin, I.; Girgsdies, F.; Zhang, W.; Wagner, R.; Schlögl, R.: The Intermetallic Compound Pd2Ga as Selective Catalyst for the Semi-Hydrogenation of Acetylene: From Model to High Performance Systems. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115, pp. 1368 - 1374 (2011)
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