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Journal Article
Türk, H.; Schmidt, F.; Götsch, T.; Girgsdies, F.; Hammud, A.; Ivanov, D.; Vinke, I. C.; de Haart, L. G. J.; Eichel, R.-A.; Reuter, K. et al.; Schlögl, R.; Knop-Gericke, A.; Scheurer, C.; Lunkenbein, T.: Complexions at the Electrolyte/Electrode Interface in Solid Oxide Cells. Advanced Materials Interfaces 8 (18), 2100967 (2021)
Journal Article
Götsch, T.; Türk, H.; Schmidt, F.; Vinke, I. C.; De Haart, L. G. J.; Schlögl, R.; Reuter, K.; Eichel, R.-A.; Knop-Gericke, A.; Scheurer, C. et al.; Lunkenbein, T.: Visualizing the Atomic Structure Between YSZ and LSM: An Interface Stabilized by Complexions? ECS Transactions 103 (1), pp. 1331 - 1337 (2021)
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