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Journal Article
Johnson, B., R. Chinmoy, M. Greiner, R. Arrigo, M.E. Schuster, B. Höpfner, M. Gorgoi, I. Lauermann, M.G. Willinger, A. Knop-Gericke and R. Schlögl: Characterization of Platinum and Iridium Oxyhydrate Surface Layers from Platinum and Iridium Foils. ChemSusChem 9 (13), 1634–1646 (2016).
Journal Article
Strempel, V.E., D. Löffler, J. Kröhnert, K. Skorupska, B. Johnson, R.N. d’Alnoncourt, M. Driess and F. Rosowski: Enhancing of catalytic properties of vanadia via surface doping with phosphorus using atomic layer deposition. Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A 34 (1), 01A135 (2016).
Journal Article
Greiner, M., T. Jones, B. Johnson, T. Rocha, Z.-J. Wang, M. Armbrüster, M.G. Willinger, A. Knop-Gericke and R. Schlögl: The oxidation of copper catalysts during ethylene epoxidation. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 17 (38), 25073–25089 (2015).
Journal Article
Sarmiento-Pérez, R., S. Botti, C.S. Schnohr, I. Lauermann, A. Rubio and B. Johnson: Local versus global electronic properties of chalcopyrite alloys: X-ray absorption spectroscopy and ab initio calculations. Journal of Applied Physics 116 (9), 093703 (2014).
Journal Article
Greiner, M., T. Rocha, B. Johnson, A. Klyushin, A. Knop-Gericke and R. Schlögl: The Oxidation of Rhenium and Identification of Rhenium Oxides During Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Ethylene: An In-Situ XPS Study. Zeitschrift für physikalische Chemie 228 (4-5), 521–541 (2014).
Journal Article
Guiet, A., T. Reier, N. Heidary, D. Felkel, B. Johnson, U. Vainio, H. Schlaad, Y. Aksu, M. Driess, P. Strasser, A. Thomas, J. Polte and A. Fischer: A One-Pot Approach to Mesoporous Metal Oxide Ultrathin Film Electrodes Bearing One Metal Nanoparticle per Pore with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Properties. Chemistry of Materials 25 (23), 4645–4652 (2013).
Journal Article
Johnson, B., F. Girgsdies, G. Weinberg, D. Rosenthal, A. Knop-Gericke, R. Schlögl, T. Reier and P. Strasser: Suitability of Simplified (Ir,Ti)Ox Films for Characterization during Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution Reaction. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (48), 25443–25450 (2013).
Journal Article
Johnson, B., J. Klaer, C.-H. Fischer and I. Lauermann: Depth profiling of a CdS buffer layer on CuInS2 measured with X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy during removal by HCl etching. Thin solid films 520 (7), 2829–2832 (2012).
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