Publications of Marie-Mathilde Millet

Journal Article (6)

Journal Article
Wolf, E., M.-M. Millet, F. Seitz, F.A. Redeker, W. Riedel, G. Scholz, W. Hetaba, D. Teschner, S. Wrabetz, F. Girgsdies, A. Klyushin, T. Risse, S. Riedel and E. Frei: F-doping of nanostructured ZnO: a way to modify structural, electronic, and surface properties. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 22 (20), 11273–11285 (2020).
Journal Article
Heenemann, M., M.-M. Millet, F. Girgsdies, M. Eichelbaum, T. Risse, R. Schlögl, T. Jones and E. Frei: The Mechanism of Interfacial CO2 Activation on Al Doped Cu/ZnO. ACS Catalysis 10 (10), 5672–5680 (2020).
Journal Article
Millet, M.-M., A. Tarasov, F. Girgsdies, G. Algara-Siller, R. Schlögl and E. Frei: Highly dispersed Ni0/NixMg1-xO catalysts derived from solid solutions: How metal and support control the CO2 hydrogenation. ACS Catalysis 9 (9), 8534–8546 (2019).
Journal Article
Millet, M.-M., G. Algara-Siller, S. Wrabetz, A. Mazheika, F. Girgsdies, D. Teschner, F. Seitz, A. Tarasov, S.V. Levchenko, R. Schlögl and E. Frei: Ni Single Atom Catalysts for CO2 Activation. Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (6), 2451–2461 (2019).
Journal Article
Millet, M.-M., E. Frei, G. Algara-Siller, R. Schlögl and A. Tarasov: Surface titration of supported Ni catalysts by O2-pulse thermal analysis. Applied Catalysis A 566, 155–163 (2018).
Journal Article
Huang, X., Z. Liu, M.-M. Millet, J. Dong, M. Plodinec, F. Ding, R. Schlögl and M.G. Willinger: In Situ Atomic-Scale Observation of Surface Tension Induced Structural Transformation of Ag-NiPx Core-Shell Nanocrystals. ACS Nano 12 (7), 7197–7205 (2018).

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Millet, M.-M.: CO2 activation on Ni-Mg based catalysts: From single atoms to metal particles. Technische Universität Berlin

Thesis - Master (1)

Thesis - Master
Millet, M.-M.: Water oxidation photocatalysis: Mn-based co-catalysts on TaON. University Lyon
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