Information for new colleagues

Introduction for New Members:

• The introduction for new colleagues:
  Dr. Katarzyna Skorupska Tel.: 4566
  Please have a look at: Introduction January 2020

Using the phone system:

• Switchboard: please dial 30 or 9

• Private telephone calls: please dial 8
  (it will be charged to you by our switchboard)

• Business telephone calls: please dial 0

• Are you in Germany for the first time?
  Please have a look at:  Guidelines for Scientists New to Germany

What we need from you:

A photo for our homepage and the "Broschüre" (booklet)
please contact your groupleader

What you have to know:

Your GROUPLEADER will inform you about the following things:

If you have questions do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help!

You will find the deparment office (secretariat of Professor Dr. Robert Schlögl)
in building F, 4th floor

Dorothea Damm: 4402     Sibylle Hartung: 4400

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