Information for new colleagues


Introduction for New Members:

You can have a look at these slides

Contact:   Dr. Katarzyna Skorupska            +49 (0)30 8413-4528


Using the phone system:

Switchboard: please dial 30 or 0

Private telephone calls: please dial 8 (it will be charged to you by our switchboard)

Business telephone calls: please dial 0

Are you in Germany for the first time?  Please have a look at  Guidelines for Scientists New to Germany


What we need from you:

A photo for our homepage and the "Broschüre" (booklet) please contact your groupleader


What you have to know:

Your GROUPLEADER will inform you about the following things:

  • In case of absence due to illness etc. please contact your groupleaderand Sibylle Hartung


If you have questions do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help!

Dorothea Damm: 4402     Sibylle Hartung: 4400

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