Child Care

Family Service

The pme Familienservice (Family Service) is a private consultancy and placement service with an office in Berlin. They help you finding care services for children and care of the elderly.

pme Familienservice GmbH (for MPG members)
Hotline: 0800 801007080

  • Obtaining a nanny/childminder
  • Obtaining a carer for your parents
  • Child care in case of need (Backup places)


The FRÖBEL Bildung und Erziehung gGmbH provides a certain number of child care slots for the Max Planck Institutes in Berlin. Employees, stipend holders, and guest scientists at the institutes are eligible for these slots.

All FRÖBEL child care centers in Berlin are included in this cooperation. You can find an overview of all Kitas run by FRÖBEL in Berlin here.

FRÖBEL is guaranteeing the five involved Max Planck Institutes in Berlin up to 20 new slots in total per Kita year. The respective institute pays FRÖBEL a monthly fee of 210 EUR for the use of each provided slot.

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