External research groups

Vibrational spectroscopy of gas phase ions (Prof. Knut R. Amis)
The Asmis Group focuses on the experimental characterization of the structure, reactivity and dynamics of clusters, nanoparticles and fluid surfaces using state-of-the-art mass spectrometric and laser spectroscopic methods  The central goal of our research is bridging the knowledge gap between isolated, nano-sized particles in the gas phase and the corresponding condensed phase systems. We are particularly interested in a molecular-level understanding of processes related to heterogeneous catalysis, aerosol formation, ion solvation and the formation, ripening and aging of oxide/water interfaces. more
Gas Phase analysis of biomolecules (Prof. Kevin Pagel)
Our research is focused on the structural analysis of biological macromolecules and their non-covalent complexes in the gas phase. In particular, we are interested in applying ion mobility-mass spectrometry (IM-MS) and gas-phase spectroscopy for the I) characterization and sequencing of complex carbohydrates and II) studying the folding, misfolding and assembly of proteins. more


Prof. Mike Bowers, Dr.

Distinguished professor

Prof. Daniel M. Neumark, Dr.

Professor of Chemistry

MER Andreas Osterwalder, Dr.

Dr. Boris G. Sartakov

General Physics Institute, Moscow, Russian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Bum Zuk Zhao

Assistant Professor
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