Spectroscopy and chemistry of metal clusters and cluster complexes

November 16, 2022


October 2022: Communication in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 
Imaging Photoelectron Circular Dichroism in the Detachment of Mass-Selected Chiral Anions
Jenny Triptow, André Fielicke, Gerard Meijer, Mallory Green
Comparison of Conventional and Nonconventional Hydrogen Bond Donors in Au− Complexes
Jenny Triptow, Gerard Meijer, André Fielicke, Otto Dopfer, and Mallory Green
April 2022: Communication in Chem. Commun.
Unexpected structures of the Au17 gold cluster: the stars are shining
Pham Vu Nhat, Nguyen Thanh Si, Vitaly G. Kiselev, André Fielicke, Hung Tan Pham and Minh Tho Nguyen
Structure and Fluxionality of B13+ Probed by Infrared Photodissociation Spectroscopy
Platinum group metal clusters: from gas-phase structures and reactivities towards model catalysts
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