Karsten Reuter receives prestigious honors as TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor and ELLIS Fellow

September 04, 2023

The Fritz-Haber-Institut is proud to announce that its Director of the Theory Department, Prof. Karsten Reuter, has received two remarkable and prestigious honors. Prof. Reuter has been named a "TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor" by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and has also been recognized as an "ELLIS Fellow" by the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS).

Prof. Reuter's dedication to advancing the fields of artificial intelligence and theoretical research in renewable energy technologies has earned him these esteemed accolades. His exceptional contributions to science, innovation, and society have positioned him as a leading figure in both academia and AI research.

ELLIS Fellowship: Shaping the Future of AI in Europe

The European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS) is renowned for its commitment to advancing fundamental science, technical innovation, and societal impact in the field of artificial intelligence. Founded in 2018, ELLIS serves as a pan-European AI network of excellence and is dedicated to ensuring Europe's sovereignty in this competitive field. Prof. Reuter's appointment as an ELLIS Fellow is a testament to his exceptional scientific prowess and contributions to the AI community.

ELLIS Fellows play a pivotal role in advancing AI science, acting as ambassadors for ELLIS, providing strategic guidance, and contributing to the growth of this influential research laboratory. Prof. Reuter's appointment reflects his outstanding achievements and dedication to the advancement of AI.

TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professorship: A Legacy of Excellence

Prof. Reuter's recognition as a "TUM Distinguished Affiliated Professor" by the Technical University of Munich is a testament to his outstanding academic career. He is the third director from the Fritz-Haber-Institute to receive this prestigious title, following in the footsteps of former directors Gerhard Ertl and Robert Schlögl. Prof. Reuter's longstanding connection with TUM, where he previously served as a professor, further underscores his commitment to excellence in education and research.

About Prof. Karsten Reuter

Prof. Karsten Reuter's research focuses on energy conversion and storage within the context of renewable energy technologies. His work addresses challenges in processes such as photovoltaic power generation, battery storage, and the conversion of energy into chemical carriers like hydrogen and synthetic fuels. Prof. Reuter employs cutting-edge multiscale modeling and simulation techniques to investigate crucial surface and interface reactions, bridging multiple orders of magnitude in his research. His work has far-reaching implications for the future of sustainable energy solutions.

The Fritz-Haber-Institut extends its warmest congratulations to Prof. Karsten Reuter on these well-deserved honors. His groundbreaking contributions to AI and renewable energy technologies continue to shape the future of science and innovation.

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