IMPRS Spring Block Course

April 06, 2023

The IMPRS-EPPC is a structured graduate program that provides enhanced education and scientific guidance to its members. The graduate program includes the Fritz-Haber-Institut, the three Berlin universities FU, TU, HU and Universität Potsdam. Education builds on block lectures, discussion meetings, and soft-skill seminars. Guidance through the PhD program is warranted through thesis advisory committees.

The research within the IMPRS-EPPC focusses on many different aspects of physical chemistry, with a particular emphasis on identifying the elementary process steps that are ultimately responsible for functionality.

Each university group and FHI department focusses their research efforts on a particular class of systems, scientific questions, and methodologies. Bringing together these different approaches into the overarching concept of the IMPRS-EPPC warrants a universal and interdisciplinary doctoral education program.

The current block course on “Fundamentals of Chemistry” took place in march. Maya Heine, PhD student at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and IMPRS-EPPC member, reports on the lecture-filled week.

"We recently had our block course which was all about chemistry, we were lucky to hear interesting lectures on topics ranging from the fundamentals of organic chemistry, the processes which occur at liquid vapor interfaces to quantum chemistry and how fluid mechanics can be used in computational catalysis. During the week we also were able to visit our colleagues in the FHI Catlab in Adlershof and were shown around their state of the art labs and given an insight into the research done here on thin film catalysts. The block course, as always, was also a great opportunity to exchange with students from across the IMPRS and to learn more about the breadth of research which is done across the graduate school."

We are looking forward to the next block course in fall.

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