Two Bessel Awardees as Guests at the Institute

November 28, 2022

With Prof. Franklin Goldsmith (Brown University) and Prof. Michail Stamatakis (University College London) the Theory Department is happy to host two Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Awardees. Together with the local colleagues, the distinguished experts will conduct research on kinetic modeling of climate-relevant catalytic reactions.

Prof. Goldsmith is internationally recognized for his work in the field of computational kinetics. His research utilizes quantum mechanical methods to provide rate constants for accurate models of complex reaction networks. His main contributions are to the field of computer-aided chemical discovery, where he develops methods to automate the investigation of kinetic mechanisms in heterogeneous catalysis. At the FHI, Prof. Goldsmith will focus on models for the synthesis of sustainable aviation fuel from renewable energy sources.

Prof. Stamatakis is an international leader in computational catalysis and chemical reaction engineering. He has pioneered stochastic simulation approaches that harness the power of supercomputers and deliver fundamental insight, which guides the discovery of novel catalysts for applications promoting sustainability in the chemical industry. At the FHI, he plans to unravel the complexity of electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 to useful chemical precursors such as hydrocarbons and alcohols.

Prof. Karsten Reuter, director of the Theory Department, stresses the opportunities created by the research awards: “Having two of the leading experts on kinetic modeling simultaneously spending an extended period of time at the institute will stimulate exactly the kind of breakout ideas that are needed to tackle the grand challenges of our time like a sustainable energy provision for our society.” The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation bestows Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Awards annually to 20 internationally renowned scientists from outside Germany. The prize is regarded as one of the most prestigious German research awards to foreign scientists. As the awardee is free to choose any host institution in Germany, the prize counts as a great honor for both, the awardee and the host institution.  



Bessel Award of the Humboldt Foundation:

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