Publications of Katharina Broch

Journal Article (2)

Journal Article
Kim, V.O., K. Broch, V. Belova, Y.S. Chen, A. Gerlach, F. Schreiber, H. Tamura, R.G.D. Valle, G. D’Avino, I. Salzmann, D. Beljonne, A. Rao and R. Friend: Singlet exciton fission via an intermolecular charge transfer state in coevaporated pentacene-perfluoropentacene thin films. The Journal of Chemical Physics 151 (16), 164706 (2019).
Journal Article
Franco-Cañellas, A., Q. Wang, K. Broch, D.A. Duncan, P. Kumar Thakur, L. Liu, S. Kera, A. Gerlach, S. Duhm and F. Schreiber: Metal-organic interface functionalization via acceptor end groups: PTCDI on coinage metals. Physical Review Materials 1 (1), 013001 (2017).
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