Publications of Chenfang Lin

Journal Article (3)

Journal Article
Cirera, B., Y. Litman, C. Lin, A. Akkoush, A. Hammud, M. Wolf, M. Rossi and T. Kumagai: Charge Transfer-Mediated Dramatic Enhancement of Raman Scattering upon Molecular Point Contact Formation. Nano Letters 22 (6), 2170–2176 (2022).
Journal Article
Lin, C., E. Durant, M. Persson, M. Rossi and T. Kumagai: Real-Space Observation of Quantum Tunneling by a Carbon Atom: Flipping Reaction of Formaldehyde on Cu(110). The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 10 (3), 645–649 (2019).
Journal Article
Lin, C., K. Ikeda, Y. Shiota, K. Yoshizawa and T. Kumagai: Real-space observation of far- and near-field-induced photolysis of molecular oxygen on an Ag(110) surface by visible light. The Journal of Chemical Physics 151 (14), 144705 (2019).
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