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Journal Article
Govindarajan, N., G. Kastlunger, H. Heenen and K. Chan: Improving the intrinsic activity of electrocatalysts for sustainable energy conversion: where are we and where can we go? Chemical Science 13 (1), 14–26 (2022).
Journal Article
Heenen, H., H. Shin, G. Kastlunger, S. Overa, J.A. Gauthier, F. Jiao and K. Chan: The mechanism for acetate formation in electrochemical CO(2) reduction on Cu: selectivity with potential, pH, and nanostructuring. Energy & Environmental Science 15 (9), 3978–3990 (2022).
Journal Article
Kelly, S.R., H. Heenen, N. Govindarajan, K. Chan and J.K. Nørskov: OH Binding Energy as a Universal Descriptor of the Potential of Zero Charge on Transition Metal Surfaces br. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 126 (12), 5521–5528 (2022).
Journal Article
Staacke, C., H. Heenen, C. Scheurer, G. Csányi , K. Reuter and J. Margraf: On the Role of Long-Range Electrostatics in Machine-Learned Interatomic Potentials for Complex Battery Materials. ACS Applied Energy Materials 4 (11), 12562–12569 (2021).

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