Brain Fitness in Dahlem

April 25, 2022

Starting in April, the staff of the Fritz-Haber-Institut ushers in spring with brain-boosting exercise classes. Coached by a sports scientist, they perform focusing and coordination movements to clear their heads on the historic campus of the former Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut. A nice group outing to reconnect with colleagues.

Everyone knows the feeling of 'snapping' into a mode at work. Both physically and mentally: you always perform the same movements, you sit in front of the computer screen all day, your thoughts sometimes circle around a specific problem for months. It's not easy to break away from these same routines, even though it would do a lot of good for your work and your own well-being.

That's why the Fritz-Haber-Institut is offering a movement course in the spring of 2022 that employees can attend together in the afternoon. The classes take place on the large lawn in front of the main building - there is room for everyone who wants to ‘get move on’. A great way to dust off head and body after the long and lonely winter months, this group activity finally brings the employees together again after two years of the pandemic. "The Fritz-Haber-Institut thrives on a strong community, which we are want to revive. Since 2020, we have protected the health of those who work here by distance and isolation. Now we want to boost their health by coming together in a safe way," explains Dr. Alexander Paarmann, Institute Representative for Occupational Health Management, who is organizing the course together with health insurance fund Techniker Krankenkasse.

The course is led by sports scientist Verena Kupilas, who carries out a whole range of mobilization, coordination and relaxation exercises with the participants. She uses scientific findings from neurobiology as a basis. "Our brains stay fitter when we keep doing new things outside of our usual routines," she says. Just the right thing for a research institute!

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