Speaker: Prof. Markus Raschke

Vibrational exciton and polaron nano-imaging: a molecular ruler to image structure, coupling, and disorder in functional molecular materials

Properties and functions of molecular materials often emerge from intermolecular interactions and associated nanoscale structure and morphology. However, defects and disorder give rise to confinement and many-body localization of the associated wavefunction, disturbing the performance of, e.g., molecular electronic or photonic materials. Conventional microscopy and even nanoscopy lack spatio-spectral sensitivity to the low-energy and molecular length scales of intermolecular interactions, carrier-phonon coupling, and polaron formation, thus leaving a missing link between material structure and observed heterogeneity in the electronic or photonic response.We address these outstanding problems in several novel combinations of spatio-spectral and spatio-temporal infrared nano-imaging. [more]
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