Speaker: Julian Maklar

Ultrafast Electron Dynamics in Quasi-two-dimensional Quantum Materials

Quantum materials are solids with tantalizing properties arising from special symmetry, dimensionality, topology, and many-body interactions between elementary degrees of freedom (charge, spin, orbital, and lattice). Gaining a microscopic understanding of quantum materials is critical as it implies the possibility of designing materials with desirable properties. [more]

Spectroscopic Signatures of Edge States in the Quantum Spin Hall System Bismuthene

  • PC Online Talk
  • Date: Oct 8, 2020
  • Time: 11:00 AM (Local Time Germany)
  • Speaker: Julian Maklar
  • FHI Department PC
Quantum spin Hall (QSH) systems are two-dimensional topological insulators with promising device applications due to dissipationless spin currents in their edges. However, most QSH systems realized so far have required cryogenic temperatures due to their small bulk gap sizes. A candidate for a high-temperature QSH material is Bismuthene, i.e., a monolayer of bismuth arranged in a honeycomb lattice on a silicon carbide substrate, which features a semiconducting band structure with an indirect band gap of 0.8 eV. [more]
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