Host: Laurenz Rettig

Ultrafast Electron Dynamics in Quasi-two-dimensional Quantum Materials

Quantum materials are solids with tantalizing properties arising from special symmetry, dimensionality, topology, and many-body interactions between elementary degrees of freedom (charge, spin, orbital, and lattice). Gaining a microscopic understanding of quantum materials is critical as it implies the possibility of designing materials with desirable properties. [more]

An Alternative Route out of Equilibrium: Probing Uniaxial Strain Effects in TMDs with ARPES

The fascinating properties of emergent phases in condensed matter systems can give usconsiderable insight into the physical mechanisms underpinning them. A central scientific goalof recent decades has been to employ external perturbations such as doping, pressure,magnetic fields and intense laser pulses in order to push materials away from their equilibriumconfigurations, revealing further insights into the mechanisms relevant to stabilising thesephases. [more]
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