Quantum Sensors in Diamond for Nano- and Microscale Magnetic Resonance Applications

  • TH Department Seminar
  • Date: May 16, 2024
  • Time: 11:30 AM (Local Time Germany)
  • Speaker: Prof. Dominik Bucher
  • TUM School of Natural Sciences, Technische Universität München, Garching, Germany
  • Location: https://zoom.us/j/99512086991?pwd=UE03TkprcitLQjdMRk5ZdVp0c0RQQT09
  • Room: Meeting ID: 912 7296 6563 | Passcode: 057467
  • Host: TH Department
Quantum Sensors in Diamond for Nano- and Microscale Magnetic Resonance Applications

Nitrogen vacancy (NV) point defects in diamond have emerged as a promising platform for quantum sensing. The electronic spin state of these solid-state qubits can be optically polarised, coherently manipulated with microwave pulses, and read out via their spin-state-dependent photoluminescence. Using this optically detected magnetic resonance method, magnetic signals from a single molecules or spins can be detected [1]. In the first part of the talk, I will introduce NV-NMR spectroscopy for probing surfaces and interfaces. This new technique allows us to detect and quantify (sub)monolayers of self-assembled molecules on an alumina oxide surface and their formation in real time under chemically relevant conditions [2]. Secondly, I will briefly present our recent results on the use of NV centers to perform optical wide-field NMR microscopy with a camera. This technique allows magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in real space on microscopic length scales [3, 4]. These novel approaches have the potential to extend current NMR capabilities to probe single cells in biology and interfaces or thin film materials in energy or catalysis research.

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[3] F. Bruckmaier, D.R. Allert, N. Neuling, P. Amrein, S. Littin, K.D. Briegel, P. Schätzle, P. Knittel, M. Zaitsev, D.B. Bucher, Imaging local diffusion in microstructures using NV-based pulsed field gradient NMR. Science Advances, 9, 33 (2023)

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