Understanding Correlation Among Electron-Phonon-Spin Degree of Freedom in Advanced Molecular Optoelectronics

  • IMS-FHI Joint Online Seminar
  • Date: Jul 4, 2022
  • Time: 10:00 AM (Local Time Germany)
  • Speaker: Kiyoshi Miyata
  • Department of Chemistry, Kyushu University
  • Host: Takashi Kumagai
Understanding Correlation Among Electron-Phonon-Spin Degree of Freedom in Advanced Molecular Optoelectronics
Microscopic understanding of exciton and carrier physics in molecular materials for optoelectronics is a great challenge because of their complexity resulting from strong electron-phonon coupling and perhaps interaction to spin degree of freedom;

e.g. superior optoelectronic properties of lead-halide perovskites materials likely originate from its unique electron-phonon coupled dielectric screening of carriers [1,2], electron spin-flip of intersystem crossing in molecular optoelectronic materials are strongly connected to molecular geometries in the excited states and vibronic coupling [3,4], and singlet fission, ultrafast generation of a correlated triplet pair state from a singlet excited state, is viewed as an extreme example of a concerted process of electron-phonon-spin degrees of freedom [5,6]. Here, I would like to discuss a few topics mainly focusing on thermally activated delayed fluorescence and singlet fission materials regarding the quest to understand the functions using various time-resolved spectroscopy.
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