Data acquisition system in the AC department

  • Date: Nov 4, 2021
  • Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (Local Time Germany)
  • Speaker: Patrick Oppermann
  • Location: IRIS Adlershof, Zum Großen Windkanal 2, 12489 Berlin
  • Room: Seminarraum 3.176 Haus 3 / 1. Etage
  • Host: Dr. Annette Trunschke
  • Contact:
Data acquisition system in the AC department
In this seminar we want to present the possibilities of automatic data acquisition, data processing and storage in an archive.We will discuss current experiments with proprietary devices as well as systems with generic devices (MFCs, Temp-Controller).We follow the idea of the FAIR principle and want to create the conditions for the application of Big Data analysis and data mining methods.For this, reliable, reproducible data sets with high diversity are needed. To generate such data, handbooks are used in which the characterization of catalysts and the determination of kinetic data are precisely prescribed. These handbooks should specify the minimum data set that should be generated for each catalyst and how the measurements should be performed.To achieve these goals, various software and hardware components are needed. Here are some examples that will be presented in this talk:

- AC database (archive)

- EPICS for communicating with devices and collecting measurement data

- Archiver appliance for storage of time series

- Phoebus for the creation of graphical user interfaces

- Python/Bluesky/Jupyter notebooks for creating automations and evaluations

- S3 storage as long-term storage for large amounts of data

The seminar will be held in a hybrid format. Participants onsite need to be either fully recovered, fully vaccinated or negatively tested (3G)

Participants who want to join online, please use the following zoom link:

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