Update: FHI operations during Corona

November 19, 2020
Due to the quick spread of the virus in Germany, the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society has partly re-instated shift work and increased safety measures.

Last Edit: 12.06.2020

About the current operation of the institute

The Fritz Haber Institute is operating in a slightly reduced mode. Research staff works from home where possible. Technical, workshop and administration staff are rotating in shifts.


If possible, please contact us by email and refrain from telephone inquiries as our offices are still not fully staffed. All internal and external inquiries will be processed, but there may be some minor delays. We ask for your understanding.

The central office is manned and can be reached as usual via 030/8413-30 (8 am – 3 pm).


All events hosted by the institute are currently held online. Please visit our events page for more information.


Visits by guest researchers may take place if coordinated with the Institute. If you are planning to visit the FHI in the near future as a guest researcher or scholarship holder, please talk to your contact person at the Institute.

Companies and contractors

If you need clarification about the next steps of your assignment, talk to the responsible site managers. Should they be unavailable, you can contact Sebastian Malotke at 030 / 8413 3445 or Frank Päch at 030 / 8413 3448 (7-12 am).

Suppliers and Deliveries

We accept deliveries as usual. Should you have any questions, please contact Martin Schmidt: 030 / 8413 3138 (9-11 am).


The management of the FHI urgently requests all members of the Institute to minimise the risk of infection, and especially of passing on the virus, both in the professional and the private context. The following hygiene measures must at all times be adhered to when at the Institute:

• keeping at least 1.5 metres distance from one another.

• airing out work rooms several times a day.

• occupying offices, laboratory or workshop units solitarily if the minimum distance cannot otherwise be maintained (necessary safety standards must be maintained).

• avoiding contact with employees from other shifts.

• placing orders for the workshops, service facilities or analytical departments without direct contact and to limit them to a minimum.

• contacting the administration exclusively by e-mail/telephone (personal appointments may only be granted in exceptional circumstances).

• conducting all seminars, workshops and meetings virtually (telephone/video).

• limiting the number of people in common rooms to 2 persons at the same time, in smaller tea kitchens to 1 person.

• avoiding use of the elevator due to limited air exchange.

• washing hands multiple times per day, and disinfecting hands when entering and leaving the institute and moving between areas if possible.

When walking through the institute or when staying in common rooms, a medical face mask or a "community mask", i.e. non-medical face mask, must be worn.

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