Long Night of Science at 2nd July 2022

June 17, 2022

The Fritz Haber Institute is preparing for the Long Night of the Sciences on 2 July. Planned are participatory projects by the departments and workshops, a chemistry experiment show, a panel discussion on the topic of "No energy transition without hydrogen" and two historical district tours under the motto "Wrong or right: facts about the Dahlem Nobel Prize winners".

The Programme of the “Long Night of Sciences” at Fritz-Haber-Institut:

from 5pm "Research just like Max Planck" - The departments present their work (ground floor Willstätterhaus, tent on the lawn behind the Willstätterhaus, Faradayweg 10).
from 5pm "Making your own torch" - Electronics laboratory and precision engineering invite you to join in (entrance Van't Hoff-Straße 17)
at 5pm and 7pm "Where the Nobel Prize Winners Lived" - Guided tours through the "German Oxford" (starts at the Willstätterhaus, Faradayweg 10, front entrance)
6pm "When the chemistry is right" - experimental show
7pm "No energy transition without green hydrogen" - panel discussion in Adlershof with FHI Director Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl and live broadcast to Dahlem (Lawn behind the Willstätterhaus, Faradayweg 10)

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