At the Lindau Nobel Laureate Conference

March 29, 2022

Five FHI researchers have recieved an invitation to the renowned Lindau Nobel Prize Conference. Dr. Hélène Seiler (Physical Chemistry), Dr. Fabian Scholten (Interface Science) and Christian Kunkel (Theory) will participate in the 71st Lindau Conference from 26 June to 1 July. Furthermore, Kim Greis (Molecular Physics), currently on reseach stay in Yale (USA) and Yair Litman, now at the University of Cambridge (UK), will take part.

Current Nobel Laureate and Max Planck Director Benjamin List will also give a lecture at the conference, which will focus on chemistry. An event on "Catalysis and Green Chemistry" is also on the extensive agenda. More than 30 Nobel Laureates have already accepted, and 600 young scientists have gone through a multi-stage selection process to be there.

Since 1951, around 40 Nobel Laureates have met annually in Lindau on Lake Constance to discuss with young scientists. The focus of the Lindau conferences alternates annually between the three scientific disciplines of the Nobel Prize, physics, chemistry or medicine. This year there is an additional conference on economics. With many lectures, discussions and other formats, the exchange of ideas and experiences between the laureates and the young scientists is to be stimulated and provide new impulses and inspiration. A number of external guests from politics, culture and business are also invited. Thus, a very special atmosphere will prevail in Lindau for a week during the conference. In total, there are now already over 30,000 Lindau alumni.

Dr Hélène Seiler works as a postdoc in the Department of Physical Chemistry in the research group "Structural and Electronic Surface Dynamics". One of her current projects is “Femtosecond Electron Diffraction”.

Dr Fabian Scholten is in the Department of Interfacial Sciences. He passed his doctoral thesis here "Summa Cum laude" in September last year. He carried out research on the “role of oxides and nanostructure of copper catalysts for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide”.

Dr. Christian Kunkel is a PostDoc in the Theory Department (Prof. Dr. Karsten Reuter). During his PhD he carried out research on the computational design of molecular organic semiconductors. He continues to work on chemical applications of data-efficient machine learning methods.

FHI PhD student Kim Greis (Department of Molecular Physics), currently researching at Yale University/USA in Prof. Mark Johnson's group, was also invited to the Lindau meeting. He is otherwise working in Prof. Kevin Pagel's research group at the FU Berlin who has a visiting group at the Fritz Haber Institute.

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