Conflict Management

Wherever people come together, there will be conflicts. Depending on personality and disposition, the way in which conflicts take place can vary: wordily, factually, noisily, silently, aggressively or not at all. Unresolved conflicts may have an impact on the overall working climate and may affect the motivation, even of staff members who are not directly involved. It is therefore important to address conflicts and to find lasting solutions.

If you find yourself in a conflict, you are not forced to solve it by yourself. The institute provides a number of contact points that are available to assist you. Some of these are interconnected; as responsibility cannot always be clearly defined. No matter who you choose to contact: Your concern will be treated in a confidential and appreciative manner, and it will only be communicated to further or the correct body (or bodies) with your permission.

Please find the contact details in the available PDF file.

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